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Intelligent charging for fleets & medium/long-dwell sites


The market pioneering Zemetric charging technology is designed and built ground up for reliability and scalability.

An integrated, interoperable high-power AC charging solution, the Zemetric innovation is centered on an intelligent hardware-software hub that enables concurrent and dynamic charging at scale via multiple ports per charger.

With embedded advanced load management algorithms that eliminate the need of third-party add-ons, the technology is designed ground-up to support sites with concurrent multi-vehicle charging demand, with the ability to automatically prioritize based on intelligent software. With unparalleled reliability and resiliency features based on real-time predictive capabilities, the technology platform revolutionizes the cost-value ratio of the charging eco-system.

The Zemetric solution has been clean-sheeted for business models that rely on high utilization and specific duty-cycles turnaround times, and therefore is ideally suited for fleets, and other medium to long dwell charging sites such as apartment buildings, workplaces, and parking garages.

High-Power AC Multi-Vehicle Charging for

  • van4-white

    Fleets Class 2–7

  • charging-station-white2

    Workplaces / Garages

  • apartmentandcar-white

    Multi-Family Buildings

  • atom


  • Each port capable of 19.2 kW, multi-ports on single power assembly
  • OTA firmware updates
  • Roadmap for bi-directionality, Plug&Charge and V2X
  • bus

    Reliable & Resilient

  • Edge intelligence for autonomous on-site operation
  • High resolution component data
  • Proprietary self-healing predictive technology
  • charging (2)


  • Open communication standards, API-centric platform
  • Integrate with DERs w/o EVSP cloud or 3rd party SW
  • Removes stranded-asset, vendor-lock-in risks
  • plug


  • 4x cost-efficiency & utilization per plug vs legacy charger
  • Designed to use fewer components per plug
  • Addresses market gap at unprecedented cost-value ratio

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